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Monday, March 7 

A Different Search:Auto

Last week Wensday night after driving home from a game I shot in Bay City all I could think about was gettinga new car. The next day I called my grandpa and told him how much I have saved to buy a car and asked him to help me find one. On Friday afternoon we started to look. We went to a few places around town. I took one car for a drive. On Saturday we went on another search. This time my grandma came. Took two cars for a drive that day. Tomorrow my mom is going to go to a few places with me and the search will continue.

Since Aurther Hill and Saginaw High both won their games last Wensday they meant up in the District Finals Where the 'High' won. They have a regional games on Wensday which I will be assisting at.

Today was my first time I've had class on a Monday in over month. Two weeks in a row classes were delayed due to weather and last week there was no class becasuse of Spring Break. Speaking of Spring break I guess it wasn't as bas as it could have been. I didn't get to go up north which really sucked. But I did get to make a lil bit of money by shooting those basket ball games and got the ball rolling on getting my car (pun intended). Besides not getting ahead in my internet class like I intended I guess this break wasn't a complete waste.

Today I found out that my best friend found out that one of his best childhood friends is gay. He told me 'wow I can't believe it'. I can imagine he was kind of freaking out when he heard. I remember last year I was walking through some place with my girlfriend, at the time, and her friend when her friend revealed to her that she was bi and that a few more of her friends were bi also. I wasn't really shocked because I had just meant her friend. My girlfriend was speechless. She talked about it for a while after we had dropped her friend off. So I think I can sort of have a good idea of what my friend must have thought about when he found out.