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Thursday, March 3 

The Shield Season 4

I just seen the first two episodes of the 4th season of The Sheild. This season is starting out good. There's new Captain, Monica Rawling, played by Glenn Close. Also theres another famous actor playing the major target of this season which is Anthony Anderson. There are also two dectectives thrown in the mix. Dectective Steve Billings who works in the Barn and Armando 'Army' Renta who is Shane's new partner in the vice unit.

So in the first episode you're introduced to the new Captin Rawling, and Antwon Mitchell, played by Anthony Anderson, a excon/exgang leader who is still the leader but not claiming it. Through out the ep Capt Rawling is taging along with Mackey trying to see how she can use him. Mackey can't leave the barn because of a "4 page" report that Aceveda wrote about him. Since the Strike team was broke up Aceveda had put Mackey and Ronnie on this 'hiding camera detail' leaving them in just to watch tapes. Anyways by the end of the ep Rawling tells Mackey that she is planning to start up a new Task Force.

In the second ep Macky identifies his old mentor Gilroy in the morge. Shane is appearing to become even more crooked than before and he's teaching his new partner Armando to follow in his ways. Rawling is already trying to win over her new department. By the end of the ep its made official that Rawling is the new Captain. There's a big surprise that comes at the end of the ep where Mackey is watching Shane and in a near by car you see Antwon Mitchell, Mackey's new target, in the same frame. Is Mackey going to have to take down Shane or pull him out of this? Looks like another good start to a great show.