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Wednesday, March 2 

The Reasons just keep coming

On Monday I went to Bay City to shoot a basketball game of SETV. Besides almost getting kicked in the head by falling cheerleader everything went fine. The problem was what happenend before and after the game. A big snow storm started on way to the school and I had to use my wipers. Well about a week ago my wipers started to not work right. When you would turn them on only the passenger side would work. So I have to get out of the car get it moving then it'll work. But then the wiper won't work and eventually wrap around the door. I'm driving on the highway this happens. I could barely see and had to pull over three times to fix the wipers. By the time game was over my car was covered in snow. Had to wipe it off. I figured I should take M13 because of what happenend on the way there. It was horrible I couldn't see anything. The roads were all white.

What doesn't work on my car:
The Brights
The Wipers
The Dashboard lights (can't see how fast I'm going)