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Thursday, March 24 

What to say what to do

So its been about a week. Last Thursday I Thrusday I got my first b-day present (its this Saturday) it was a cd frommy sister. I thought it was really nice of her to do that for me. St. Patricks day was cool. I had to go to North Middle school to help tape a event. It series of lectures called "Si Se Puede." I got free food. Saw some slam poetry and there few a very beautiful women there. So that went well. After that was the high light mof my weekend. A friend of mine throw a surprise birthday party for one of our freinds. That was pretty fun it was the first time in while that I actually had that much fun.

Thursday night I had also finally turned in my application for the reserve crew. On Monday I called to follow up. I had to go fill out some papers and then go take a phsyical. TodaY I got the call that everything had cleared and I was offically accepted. So I have a job now, occasional, but it's still a job.

I got this cold that started on Monday and I'm still getting over it. I hope its done with by tomorrow or Friday the latest I don't want to be sick on my 20th birthday. The begging of my third decade. That was something that my sister pointed out to me in the letter she sent with the cd. I had really never thought about it until then.