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Monday, November 7 

This weekend was about about CLEANING

-Went home this weekend
-got a fresh cut
-had the house to myself
-hung out w/a lot of peeps on friday night
-seen probably my most beautiful friend for the first time in months
-i could go on for days about her
-but it's probably worthless to even think about it
-Saturday got the oil changed
-finally got the car washed
-cut the grass
-big storm, power went out in various places in Saginaw
-Visted Pun then hung out with Alex
-I don't know why but I went into the basement when I got home
-It was flooded about 5-6 inches at the highest point
-Power kicked on about 2pm on Sunday
-subpump only took it down about an inch
-pushed the water to the subpump w/the help of my grandpa
-It was Great Fucking Weekend.