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Sunday, October 9 

That damn dog.

I posted that ugly dead looking dog nearly two months ago. So I'm gonna try to keep on on these post and personl experiement, to get rid of that damn dog from the front page.

Anyways last week I became an Pike pledge. I'm still having mixed feelings about the whole thing. This last week has seemed to overall been very long. One reason being that I've had a lot of tests in the last week or so. I've realized that I need to work on my time managemnt a bit. Well a lot. Especially when it comes to my school work. It's still early in the semester, I'm sure that if refocus now everything will work out fine.

On wensday I found out one of my cousins was killed back home. He was my moms cousin, I didn't really know him well. It was very sad. I ended going home to attend the memorial service.

So on good note I'm planing on getting a futon very soon.