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Wednesday, August 3 

just sippin' on some Senorial sangria

Today has been good to me. Work was good. Didn't have to spend the whole day doing the same thing. It didn't go by fast yet it didn't go by slow. It seem just right. A fast day would have made it better though.

Anyway when I came home from work I found out that I recieved a scholarship from Wanye State. Its the Community Schools Scholarship formanly known as The Presidential. About a month and a half ago I recieved a letter informing me that I will not be recieving this scholarship. Last week I got an Email sayign tehy WSU woudl be mailing out the notification to those who are recieving the scholarship.

Since I started doing this painting job. I've been having to wokr out alone. It was kind of weird at first but I'm gonna have to get used to it anyway when I move. I'm actually gaining weight.