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Tuesday, July 19 

What rumors will do

Almost two weeks ago I wasn't working at all. Now I find myself working three jobs. Last week I did my first steaming cleaning job in over a year and a half. I felt a bit weird about it all day but by the time i started working everything felt better. I actually missed doing it a little bit. Tomorrow I'm going to start another job working with some painters. I think I'll just be doing prep work but thats fine with me I really like to paint anyway. Then on Thrusday I'll be back with SETV crew. I'll also find out how much my scholarship is when I recieve it on Thrusday night.

I went to Ludington this past weekend for the Gusmaker and to vist my family out there. I saw all but one of my cousing out there. I had good time out there. Meant some Swan Valley people and caught up with my kin folk.

People are funny when it comes to gas. Apparently a gas station that is going to be opening near a new Walmart had tested thier signs and left the price at $3.03. Gas didn't really go up anywhere but rumors of it had.