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Thursday, July 7 

Fuck You Racoon pt1

My 4th went ok even though my aunts both bailed on their plans leaving me to end going to my friends aunts for the second year in a row. I finally got my scholarship app done for the CBS program. I went to Detroit yesterday to turn it in. I finally got my id card from there too. Also I was able to finally tour the building I'll be living in a few months. They still have a alot of work to do. I wasn't ablt to see the same kind of room I'll be living in but I have an idea of how big it will be. I think it gonna end up being just a lil bit smaller than the room I have now. But it may seem smaller because I have my own bathroom.
Today I worked for the first time about 3 weeks. I had to be up earlier than I usually am. I gotta go and tape this same guy again in less then an hour and I have to do it again tomorrow morning.