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Monday, June 6 

Unexpected good times

Even though I've been out of classes for the past month and half I still find myself looking forward to the weekends. It's kind of as if i was in school. But the truth is that I've actaully been having some pretty good weekends. So for the weekend that just passed all I have to say is that she was bueatiful and it was worth talking to her even nothing else comes from it.

My best friend, his brother and cousin got some tatoo's on saturday. It was his first tatoo. It looks nice. But I think his mom was mad about it. She started to blame me by saying that I took him.

I may be going on that road trip that I've been wanting to go on for the past couple of years this summer. Its looks like it may end up being Florda. I've been there a few times but always flew. So I would end traveling through a few states I haven't too yet. I hope I can afford to go. I'm still looking for another job. If only I wanted to be a sales person it would already be done.

Oh yeah I found a picture that I didn't know I was in over on quick_to_stop's LJ