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Monday, August 1 

Fat Bastard

Well I'm within a month of moving to Detroit. I believe my papers that tell me when I'm supposed to move should be coming sometime next week or very soon after. I wish I had them now. I hope they don't send them to me the week that I supposed to move in. They sent me my housing contract with less than a week to have it returned. As of now it doesn't seem like there's much I have to do to prepare but I'm sure there will be much to do when it comes.

I've been working on one of my highschool friends house for the last two weeks. And I'm getting the lowest pay of my life. The only thing I like about the job is people. Other than that there's not much I really like about it. The house I'm working on is something you would see on CRIBS. Today they filled up a water fountain which is in the front of the house. It's rectangle shape with three fountains, shooting straight up. On the outside by each of the four corners there are shooting streams of water that go into the fountain. I guess there's lights that will follow the streams which will go on at night. The water looks like plastic tubes.