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Saturday, September 17 

Detroit WHAT

Its been about three weeks since I've been out here in Detroit. Everyday I've been getting more and more used to being here. The first couple of days were very weird. I didn't really meet anyone at all untill my third night. Out of all of the people I could of meant that night one of them, I later found out, is the granddaughter of one of my highschool vice principals. I've been meeting so many people that it surprises me when I can actually remember thier names. I've actaully meant a few people from Saginaw. They're pretty cool.

Classes have been fairly easy so far. For the most part the amount students per class is significantly higher then Delta. The least amount in one class is about 25 and the most is up around 70 I believe. Wayne is huge commuter school. I'm going to guess that maybe less that a third or a quater of its students live on campus.

I was finally able to get my haircut the other day. One of the Pikes, Pi Kappa Alpha, took me down to Southwest Detroit, the area Mexican town is located. It was different to see all of these business with Spanish names. The guy was telling me that some parts around there are just like Mexico. From what I seen I would say he's correct.

So the one thing I never ever thought I would do, I just may do. I'm currently rushing in the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, known as "Pikes" around campus. I guess never say never. It still feels weird to me. I'll probably have a lot more to say about this later.