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Thursday, November 3 

Slowly feeling better

So the Halloween party was fun on friday night. Half of the people didn't even reconize me and the other half knew it was me immediately. Some people found out how much I really enjoy LIMES.

Went and saw SAW II on Saturday night. Meant someone that might be going to WSU next year. It would be cool to hang out with her next year.

We had our Dinner D'jour on Tuesday night. I didn't really wanna go because I didn't have our introduction down. Once I go there it just came to me. I didn't know that half of the girls there were in soroities. Also I seen this girl there that I had talkied to for a long time at the Halloween party. She told me that I wouldn't reconize her and she was right. I couldn't believe how bueatiful she was.

Some of the best news of my week occured this past Monday morning. My physcis teacher lowered the grading scale for the class. An A is now 100- 80, a B 79-60 and so on. I'm still gonna have to work hard in the class but now I don't have to worry to much about completely failing now.

Anyways just found out a few hours ago that I'm going to the Luda concert tonight at UofM!