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Friday, October 28 

So tired

It's days like this I question myself as to why it is that I'm in college still. If I could of had it my way I would have been starting my career right out of high school. At high school graduation I had the ambitions to out in the field and begin my dreams. I wanted to travel and write about it, in hopes to one day tell the stories of the adventure I would have. But I didn't and I went along with what everyone expected of me.

So what gave been the negatives of me being in college and what have been the positives. The negatives have been as follows: been feeling less and less creative, feeling as if I'm just wasting my time, feeling discouraged, feeling like I'm not advancing in what I desire to, I feel like I'm being held back, I'm weary of my future. The positives have been as follows: I've worked in much wider range of broadcasting, including producing, directing, anchoring and reporting in aired shows, developed my speaking voice, lead me to a few jobs, one kept me up on my editting skills, the other made me a better shooter, I've meant hundreds (literally) of people, mostly very interesting and unique from each other, earned an associates.

I personally know that the positives out-weight the negatives. So many times I wish that there was something else that I wanted to do with my life, but when I think about I know there's nothing else I'd rather do with my life at this point. I always try to think positive about things in general, its just really hard to do that today. Life is full of these high and low points, which all vary from each other, I'm at a low point right now.