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Monday, February 13 

Insomnia is a bitch

You know those days when you wake up from getting a good night's sleep and you feel refreshed? Well I don't. I think may have one of those days with the past year or so. MAYBE. I really can't believe I have at this point. So it think it's time for a good 'ol week break down.
- Super Bowl was crazy! Unfortunatly for this being one of those once in a life time experiences I didn't really take advantage of it. Maybe one day I'll live in another city that is hosting the event.
- I have 2 jobs now. One of which I may drop after this week.
- Been having some pains come back.
- Alex's 21st is coming up. Woot! Woot!
- Plan on making a cameo in Sagnasty this weekend.
- We have retreat this weekend. My first as an Active.
- I'm broke. Not really anything new with that one. I guess i just thought I would remind myself.
- My Lady friend has been treating me well.
- I've been missing my family lately.
- Found this badass looking McDonald the other day.
- Olive Garden is delicious.
- Better yet Fettuccini Alfredo is.
- Apparently my middle name is Enriquez now. I don't think I read the memo that they were gonna add a Z.
-I should be sleeping right now.