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Monday, November 28 

T Day it over - Begins the Countdown

-Had a great time at Pikesgiving last week.
-My date seemed to have a good time
-Overall Tuesday was a longday full of unexpected events
-Ended up studying in this some what creepy building by the hospital
-Had toast, pickles, banna peppers, and popcorn for dinner
-Tuesday night I was so nervous about my Physics test I only got about 40 mins of sleep
-That wasn't the only reason I couldn't sleep... thats another story
-Wensday's drive home was my longest drive home to Saginaw yet
-Made it to pun's house house for a bit that night
-Turkey leg was great
-I think I did pretty well on my pledge final today
-With two weeks to initiation I need to get all of my interviews done and sorority signatures this week
-Also I still have two big papers due this week and and quiz tomorrow
-So much to do, so little time to do it